What’s The Difference Between Air-Conditioned and Climate-Controlled Storage?

If your home or business move includes a transition period, you might need a place to store some of your items in the interim. During your search for a storage facility, you’re likely to come across ones that offer air-conditioned or climate-controlled units. While some view these terms as interchangeable, they are not the same. The type you choose could have an impact on the condition of your delicate, sensitive or high-value items, particularly in long-term storage situations lasting several weeks or longer.

What Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

With a climate-controlled storage unit, the temperature inside typically stays the same as the outside. One of the biggest benefits of storing items like wood furniture, artwork, electronics, photographs and antiques in these units is the ability to control the humidity level. By keeping the air inside the unit dry, a climate-controlled storage facility can minimize the risk of rotting and other types of moisture-related damage. Pests that seek damp environments are also more likely to stay outside.

What Are Air-Conditioned Storage Units?

Air-conditioned storage, also referred to as temperature-controlled storage, places a heavier emphasis on controlling the unit’s internal temperature. Some facilities in colder climates may also have heating capabilities. The most important benefit offered by this storage option is the ability to safeguard your items against damage caused by extreme temperatures. For example, storing an expensive piece of stereo equipment in a non-temperature-controlled facility in Florida could lead to extensive heat damage.

What is the Value of Air-Conditioned Storage in Hot Climates?

While climate-controlled storage facilities provide adequate protection in many areas of the U.S., they tend to fall short in hotter environments. In contrast, air-conditioned units feature an internal temperature that is up to 20 degrees or more below the outside temperature. The difference is significant regarding the condition of your stored goods. You’ll have fewer concerns about extreme heat ruining your valuable or delicate items.

We Have A/C Storage in Bradenton, FL

Sunny Bradenton, FL is known for its extreme heat, particularly during the steamy summer months. If you’re looking for a storage facility in the area, make sure you choose one that offers air conditioning. David McCarthy Moving, LLC is an experienced residential and commercial moving company in Bradenton you can trust. Our headquarters include on-site air-conditioned storage units that will protect your items from the heat during summer and throughout the year.

Our air-conditioned storage facilities also include advanced security features to keep your goods safe from theft, vandalism and other potential threats. As a fully licensed and insured mover, you can trust us to store your valuable items for as long as necessary, whether it’s a temporary situation during a move or for the long term.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the differences between climate-controlled and air-conditioned storage — and why the latter makes more sense in Florida — contact the pros at David McCarthy moving. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 1.941.704.4278 today.


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