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‘Tis the season for presents, treats, and fun memories with loved ones. Packing and moving might not get you in the holiday spirit, but you and your family can enjoy the process with some planning and a positive attitude. Use this residential holiday moving guide for a successful move that involves creating new memories with your loved ones.

1. Create a schedule and organize your calendar

Since the holiday season is such a busy time, you might want to give yourself a full month to get organized. Try working backward from the date you have to move to have enough time for packing, donating, and moving your belongings. If you rush the process, you’re more likely to be stressed and disappointed.

2. Plan around busy Christmas shoppers

Even if you’re off from work and have more time on your hands for shopping for your move, keep in mind that there might be more traffic on the roads because of last-minute shoppers, especially if you go during the weekend.

3. Plan a holiday gathering out of the home

You might not be able to host the holidays at your house this year, but you can still make fun memories with your family. Take the kids out for a nice dinner or have a small farewell party. You can ask people to bring food, so you don’t have to do as much of the planning.

4. Create a spending plan

During the holidays, your budget is likely already tight because of all the gifts you want to buy. Make a moving spending plan with all the items on your list, including unexpected costs that may arise.

5. Pack a little bit at a time to avoid burnout

Last-minute packing can add a lot of unnecessary stress to your holiday moving plans. Try packing a few boxes at a time. If you hire a professional moving company, you can also invest in professional packing services to let them deal with the stress of gathering all your belongings.

6. Put your holiday decorations in a separate box

Your holiday decoration storage can help you hang up your decorations as soon as you move into your new home. Try keeping all of them in one container to find them quickly when you arrive.

7. Donate unwanted items

To cut down on the number of boxes you bring with you, consider giving items to organizations that accept donations during the holidays. Save the receipts to get a deduction on your taxes for your donated belongings.

8. Plan for cold, inclement weather

Since you might experience snow and ice during your move, be sure to keep salt, boots, shovels, hats, and gloves nearby instead of packing them away. Try to use waterproof bins to help keep your valuables safe in the snow. You also might want to turn on your heat and electricity in your new home before you arrive, so you have a warm destination waiting for you.

9. Set up your security system right away

Robberies and break-ins seem to be more prevalent during the holidays. Once you arrive at your new home, consider setting up your security system to keep an eye on your new valuables, especially while you have the door open as you bring in boxes and furniture.

10. Include a holiday moving announcement in your cards

When you send out your holiday cards, put a note with your new address in it so all your loved ones will have it.

11. Keep gifts to a minimum this year

To save time and resources, consider asking your friends and family to wait to give you gifts until after you’ve moved. If you have gifts for your family, bring them to your new house unwrapped so they fit in your storage containers.

Benefits of Moving During the Holidays

Whether you have to move for work now or you’re wondering if it’s the right time to relocate your family, consider the positives of starting a move during the holiday season:

  • You can get more help: Around this time, people tend to be more generous. If you plan on spending the holidays with your friends or family, you can ask if they’re willing to host you a little longer until you’re ready to move into your new home. They also might be available to watch the kids while you pack and store your items.
  • Your kids can start a new school mid-way through the year: After the holidays are over, you might be putting your kids in a new school. When a child joins a class in the middle of the year, the teacher and other students go out of their way to ensure they feel welcome. Your children will most likely get specialized attention to help them adjust to the new school better.
  • You’ll celebrate the new year in your new home: The end of the year is the perfect time to complete those last-minute resolutions. You might find a little extra motivation to pack and organize your valuables, and after you’ve arrived and settled into your home, you can ring in the new year with your loved ones.
  • You might not need to take days off work: Many workplaces are closed during the holidays, so if you plan your schedule right, you might not need to take any additional personal days.

After you've arrived and settled into your home, you can ring in the new year with your loved ones.

Downsides of Moving During the Holidays

Even though you can enjoy moving during the holidays, you may want to consider some of these drawbacks to help you prepare:

  • You’ll be more prone to get stressed: If you move during this time, you finally have the perfect excuse to avoid that obligatory holiday party. However, the busy season of shopping, wrapping, cooking, and hosting can become more stressful when you add packing, organizing, and moving to your to-do list. Instead of enjoying this time, you might feel like you’re rushing through the season.
  • You might experience delays: When you’re moving, you probably won’t dream of a white Christmas. Inclement weather during the holidays might delay your moving trucks or flights. Even if you get to your destination with all your valuables, you may have to be careful about tracking snow and mud into your new home.
  • You might be nostalgic: Moving is generally sentimental as you pack all your belongings into boxes and leave the place where you’ve created memories with your loved ones. You might be more nostalgic and sad as you say goodbye to old traditions and embrace new ones.

Moving During the Holidays? We Can Help!

If you have to move during the holidays, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is hiring a professional moving company to help you navigate your to-do list. David McCarthy Moving provides all the packing equipment you need for a successful move. We can also store your Christmas decorations, so they’re ready for you to set up once you’ve arrived at your new house. For more information about our products and services, you can contact us online or call 1-941-704-4278.


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