How to Pack Artwork for Moving

If you’re in the process of moving your art collection, you’ll want to take extra steps to ensure your favorite pieces arrive safely at your destination. Whether you’re moving to a different spot in town or across the country, taking extra care protects your treasured art.

Items Needed to Pack Artwork Properly

Before you can start to pack your artwork, you must first gather the necessary resources and supplies. Here are some of the common supplies you will need:

  • Boxes or crates
  • Flat box for pictures
  • Packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap
  • Cardboard corner protectors
  • Markers and labels

Packing Steps:

When shipping oil paintings or other artwork, there are a few things you’ll want to do:

1. Make an X with tape on the frames

Use packing tape to place an “x” on each photograph, print, or artwork framed with glass. The tape should extend past the glass to the frame to prevent the glass from sliding around and getting damaged.

2. Wrap the painted face

Use several layers of plastic wrap from your kitchen or palette wrap. This will help protect the paint from damage caused by contact with the box or packing materials.

3. Choose your boxes carefully

There should be at least two inches of space on each side of the painting. You need room for proper padding, and the right box size can reduce sliding. Look for sturdy, double-walled boxes for added protection.

4. Protect the frame

Place foam or cardboard protectors on the corners of your frames to protect them.

5. Wrap carefully and test movement

Once a painting has been wrapped in plastic, use bubble wrap and large pieces of cardboard to add padding. Ensure the art cannot move around inside the box and that there are several layers of protection between the art and its surroundings.

6. Consider double-sided or wood crates

Very large or fragile artwork may need more protection from sturdier boxes, especially if you’re moving something heavy, like a statue.

Hire Professionals to Move Your Artwork

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