Relocating across town or moving to another state can present enough of a challenge for a family or business. If you’re planning an international move, you’ll have even more things to consider. Choosing a shipping method, getting your items through customs and the potential for damage during the long journey are just a few of the many issues you’ll need to address to ensure a successful move.

The complex nature of an international move requires extensive planning and close attention to detail to ensure you’re covering all the bases. Starting the process in as far advance of your move as possible will reduce your stress and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Whether you’re moving your family or relocating your business to another country, you’ll likely need help with the planning and execution. A professional moving company with experience in international shipping will prove invaluable during the process. A reputable international mover provides the following services:

  • Consultation: The moving company will meet with you to discuss your situation to learn more about the items you’re shipping, your desired timeframe and other essential details. Your mover will also help you explore all the available options and provide a customized quote.
  • Managing the move: Your mover will assist you in coordinating the logistics of your move. This step includes confirming shipping dates, completing and submitting the documentation and paperwork required for customs clearance and setting up tracking procedures.
  • Choosing a shipping method: Depending on the situation and your destination, the mover will help you determine whether shipping your belongings by land, sea or air is the most practical and cost-effective option.
  • Packing and loading: When the time comes, your movers will come to your home to wrap and pack your items to prepare them for the long journey ahead. They’ll also load the goods onto a truck to take them to the shipping port.
  • Delivery: Your moving company will arrange for the land transportation of your items to your home or business location upon their arrival in your new country.

David McCarthy Moving Provides Expert International Shipping Services

David McCarthy Moving, LLC is a Bradenton, FL-based moving company with extensive international shipping expertise. We’ll work closely with you to plan every aspect of your move from start to finish. We’ll get your furniture, office equipment, appliances, personal items or whatever else you need to ship prepped for the trip. We’ll also provide timely transportation to the port.

David McCarthy Moving is a fully licensed and insured mover that’s been in business since 1996. We’re a claim-free company you can trust with your valuable items. We only use our dedicated, well-trained employees during moves — not temporary day laborers. And with our focus on customer communication, we’ll keep you in the loop for the duration of the moving process.

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