Many people dream about living in Florida, with its pleasant temperatures, gorgeous sights, beaches and restaurants. If you relate, it’s likely you are thinking about the pros and cons of settling in this location. Maybe you are from Ohio or a surrounding state in the Midwest region — understanding all that’s available to you before moving to Florida helps you kickstart a relocation plan that is effective for you.

This moving guide will address the advantages of relocating from Ohio to Florida and how to transport your belongings safely.

Why Move From Ohio to Florida?

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida attracts people of all ages thanks to its tropical climate. It’s hard to find a location within the United States that offers the same resort-like feel. To see palm trees, ocean views, entertainment and wildlife, you normally have to travel outside the country. Moving from Ohio to Florida improves your residential experience without needing to change your citizenship.

One of the most advantageous aspects of relocating to Florida is that there is something for everyone. From retired snowbirds looking to escape the cold to working professionals in all career stages, it’s easy to fall in love with this tropical paradise, which you can reach by driving or flying.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll see when heading to Florida.

1. Plethora of Outdoor Activities

Florida residents enjoy staying active, and it’s easy to find activities that suit all interests. The geographic location of the Sunshine State places numerous cities close to water. This means you can experience a variety of new adventures whether you’re looking for a new hobby or you want to perfect your skills in something you’re already passionate about. If you’re into snorkeling, swimming, surfing, boating or fishing, know this is paradise.

Water sports and activities are far from the only hobbies you can participate in year-round. Florida is home to multiple national parks where you can go on hikes or take a bicycle out for exercise. Additional activities that are popular here include pickleball, golf and tennis.

2. Consistent Warm Weather

Living in Florida allows you to spend most of your days outdoors without needing a jacket. Average temperatures are in the low to mid-80s during the summer months. However, there are days that reach the mid-90s, making relaxation by a pool or the ocean a frequent part of the lifestyle.

The rest of the year brings temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the upper 70s. Bring out your sandals, shorts and t-shirts to stay comfortable no matter the season. Cold winters are behind you with an Ohio-to-Florida relocation plan.

3. Endless Attractions to See

Florida is a hotspot for attractions all ages can appreciate. The Sunshine State is bursting with amusement parks, aquariums, museums and shopping centers. If you’re moving long-distance from Ohio to Florida, be sure to check out:

4. Career Opportunities

Florida’s economy is in solid shape compared to other states in the U.S. If you are in search of opportunities within healthcare, life sciences, recreation, tourism or construction, you can expect openings in these areas for a successful career.

Moving to Florida means you could be close to major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Cape Coral, Orlando or Jacksonville — all of which have reputable companies to explore.

Royal Caribbean International, Jabil, Publix, AutoNation and CSX are all based out of cities in Florida.

5. Beach Access

Nothing beats coming home from work and heading to a nearby beach. With Florida being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, residents always have a beach option within arm’s reach.

The Sunshine State features over 800 miles of beaches you can access. Reach Siesta Key, Anna Maria Island, Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Clearwater Beach. Every beach in Florida has one-of-a-kind views, whether you want to see a lighthouse, palm trees, sailboats or city buildings along the coast.

Cost of Living — Ohio vs. Florida

You might think that having so many attractions, beaches and career opportunities would make Florida on the expensive end of places to live. Compared to Ohio, Florida has a slightly higher cost of living. This is around seven percent when using an online calculator.

Weigh what is most important to you before deciding on an Ohio-to-Florida relocation plan. Surprisingly, for all that the Sunshine State provides in terms of careers, entertainment and relaxation, several cities in Florida have a cost of living that falls below the U.S. national average.

Also, Florida does not collect a state individual income tax. This leaves flexibility in your budget to allocate funds elsewhere.

The Top Cities to Check Out in Florida

Interested in an Ohio-to-Florida move but unsure which city is appropriate for you? Check out the recommendations below.

1. Tampa, Florida

Tampa gives you the best of both worlds in terms of professional opportunities and relaxation. The city offers all the perks of a huge metropolitan area with professional sports venues, delicious restaurants and corporate offices nearby. Residing in Tampa makes it easy to reach St. Petersburg and Clearwater beaches by boat or automobile.

Kayaking and fishing are popular activities in Tampa due to its proximity to different water sources. There are also dog-friendly beaches in the area, ideal for people living on their own with a four-legged friend.

2. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is sure to give you a thrilling lifestyle with a lively downtown scene, theme parks and concerts taking place left and right. If going out on the town after work for food and entertainment sounds appealing, explore what Orlando has to offer.

This city is a frequent travel location for business professionals, vacationers, retirees and families thanks to the active environment and attractions. Residents can be found at sporting events throughout the year from the Orlando Magic basketball team to the Solar Bears hockey and Orlando City soccer teams. There’s also a surplus of shopping areas to see for clothing, technology and home décor items.

3. Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville is an outstanding place to settle in Florida with options for education and careers. This city features the University of Florida, which helps stimulate the local economy. Moving to Gainesville puts you within reach of fishing reservoirs, natural history museums, wildlife conservations and Silver Springs state park. If you enjoy wildlife and outdoor activities, this location will serve you well.

Residents of Florida flock to Gainesville due to it’s geographical advantages. Sitting within the central part of the Sunshine State, Gainesville has a reduced chance of experiencing severe weather that cities closer to the coastline encounter.

Tips and Tricks for Moving From Ohio to Florida

Moving from Ohio to Florida requires a careful approach. Costs for renting vehicles, packing your belongings and traveling to your destination add up fast, so partnering with a professional moving company can help reduce your spending and keep your move on schedule.

Long-distance moving can be stress-free with the right team on your side. See what you can do to find a moving company that serves your area for:

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