Congratulations on your pending move! We know moving somewhere new is exciting. We also recognize there’s a lot to think about — from logistics to budgeting and about a dozen things in between.

It’s no wonder moving to a new place qualifies as a major life event that can significantly impact someone’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. While moving is chock-full of possibilities, it can also be anxiety- and stress-inducing.

At David McCarthy Moving, we are a skilled team of movers with years of experience in this field. Keep reading to learn some of our insider tips, tricks, and techniques for successfully combating moving stress.

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

First, know you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list — or lack thereof. Whether you’re moving across town or crossing the country, uprooting your home base usually presents many logistical, financial, and emotional hurdles.

In particular, the concerns about being able to afford and budget for the move, having the time and means to accomplish it, and changing your personal life can all snowball to make moving particularly stressful — no matter the distance you trek.

Understanding what’s stressful about moving will hopefully help you pinpoint what’s troubling you to manage your anxiety and stress better. The following are the most common reasons moving is stressful.


From selling your current home to closing on your next place, there’s a lot to coordinate for a successful move. You might have a start date for a job without knowing when you’ll be settled in your new abode. Plus, sorting through and packing your belongings is time-consuming and emotionally taxing.


Budgeting for a move is tricky. Knowing what services you need or how much they’ll cost can be challenging. If you plan to hire movers, work with a professional moving company that offers binding, not-to-exceed estimates.


Uprooting your life comes with plenty of personal life changes. Moving away from your support network or your favorite coffee shop can cause you to feel unsettled and displaced.

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How to Handle Moving Stress Like a Pro

Whether you’re concerned about planning, budgeting, or dealing with upcoming changes, we’ve compiled a list of healthy ways to address these feelings head-on. Learn more about how to deal with moving stress with the following tips:

1. Get a Head Start on Planning

When it comes to mitigating moving stress, write off procrastination. The earlier you begin planning, the more at ease you’ll feel with the process. Create to-do lists and slowly tick away at them. These lists will give you a sense of control and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed during the days leading up to the move. Your to-dos should include a few basics, including:

  • Updating your mailing address with banks, insurance providers, and credit card companies.
  • Canceling or updating your address with subscription services.
  • Canceling existing utilities.
  • Setting up electricity, water, and Wi-Fi at your new place.
  • Donating or selling any unwanted items.

get a head start on planning your move

2. Stay Optimistic

While moving somewhere new might feel daunting, try to stay optimistic. Remain focused on all the positive possibilities ahead of you. Remember why you decided to begin anew — whether for a job, school, or loved one. Be kind to yourself by listening to fun music while you pack, taking a midday nap, or getting some fresh air and exercise.

3. Create a Budget and Get Quotes

Next, map out a budget if you intend to hire movers. We recommend getting a two- to three-month head start shopping around for mover quotes. Having a fixed budget and knowing what moving services you’d like or can afford is crucial for battling money-related moving stress.

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4. Downsize and Pack Strategically

If possible, try to downsize before you pack up and hit the road. The fewer items you have to transfer, the smoother and more affordable the process will be. Host a garage sale or donate any furniture that might not fit your new space or be worth the hassle of transporting.

When you pack your belongings, label the boxes so you can place them in specific rooms. This process will make unpacking much less of a headache! Be sure to put daily necessities like toilet paper, sheets, utensils, clothes, and toiletries anywhere you can access them right when you get to your new home.

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5. Get Some Help From Friends or a Professional

Sometimes, you can’t tackle the big move all on your own. In these circumstances, asking friends and family members for their help with packing, loading, or unloading your items can go a long way toward reducing your anxiety and stress. Delegating tasks among people you know will instantly eliminate the overwhelming feeling you need to handle everything independently.

If you live far from family, your friends are busy, or you want assistance from skilled individuals, hire a qualified consulting team or moving coordinator to organize and flesh out how best to approach the move. They’ll offer you expert services to streamline the process.

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6. Say Goodbye

Part of the stress of moving is knowing you may not see your neighbors, friends, or loved ones for a while. Or, you may not intend on going back to the area at all, so it might be the last time you see certain faces. Honoring your need for closure will put you at ease about embarking on your next adventure.

So, go ahead and carve out sufficient time to say your goodbyes. Ask your friends to go out for coffee or knock on your neighbor’s door one last time. You won’t regret it.

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