If you’re searching for a place to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with sunshine and waterfront views, this is the perfect location for you. Moving to Apollo Beach, Florida, can feel like you’re on a permanent vacation. Prepare for your move by learning about the best neighborhoods, employment and schooling — plus, enjoy all the next-level activities this area offers, such as manatee viewing, partying on an island and kayaking through wetlands.

Is Apollo Beach a Good Place to Live?

Apollo Beach is a beautiful place to live in Hillsborough County, Florida. In 1958, the city was named after the Greek and Roman god of the sun to represent the area’s sunshine. The location includes about 22 square miles surrounded by unique harbors and desirable neighborhoods with golf landscaping.

Many waterfront properties make the area feel like an oasis. You can feel at peace from the comforts of your home or enjoy a trip to the thriving city of Tampa, about 12 miles away. Apollo Beach’s location, nestled along the eastern side of Tampa Bay, offers quick access to the wonderful shopping, dining, attractions and amenities available.

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Demographics and Population

Around 29,500 people live in Apollo Beach, Florida. That number continues to grow at over 4% annually as more people learn about this luxurious area with breathtaking, waterfront views and decide to move here. The population density averages 1,493 people per square mile.

The population is made up of about 52% males and around 48% females. According to the latest data, the median age in Apollo is 43.7 years old, with 42.5 years of age for males and 44.4 years of age for females.

Altogether, there are about 18,400 adults, including nearly 4,400 seniors. The remaining 11,100 residents fit into the child and infant category.

Cost of Living

Incomes of Apollo Beach, Florida, are about 59% higher than the rest of the state. The median household income in Apollo Beach, Florida, is around $89,000. For individuals, the median income is over $50,000.

Homes in this area have a median cost of around $595,000, with a price per square foot of about $234. When renting, residents can expect to pay an average of approximately $1,335 monthly.

You can use an online calculator to predict how much it may cost you to live here by including factors like the city’s gas, electricity, groceries and health care pricing.

Warm and Comfortable Weather

Living in the sunny and gorgeous area of Apollo Beach, Florida, can feel like paradise. The warmest season, from May to October, features an average temperature of about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Locals love enjoying the pleasant weather by swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding, surfing and boating.

From December to February, residents experience an average temperature of up to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Plenty of scattered showers, with about 51 inches of rain per year, keep the area refreshed. The precipitation helps maintain vibrant landscapes.

The Best Neighborhoods in Apollo Beach, FL

Is Apollo Beach nice? The answer is there are many beautiful and family-friendly places to live, including these top neighborhoods:

  • Andalucia: This gated community located directly on Tampa Bay’s shores offers luxurious, single-family-homes and villas ranging from about $500,000 to $2 million with amenities such as a private beach, a waterfront clubhouse, tennis courts, a playground and a yacht club.
  • Bimini Bay: The gorgeous, gated community here makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation, with over half of the single-family homes containing private docks and pools. The lots are situated on canals leading to Tampa Bay.
  • Braemar: Braemar is a small community of fewer than 200 homes that were built from 2004 to 2006. The area includes water views as well as a 458-acre park with a beach and a manatee viewing center.
  • Covington Park: The homes in this family-friendly neighborhood include two to four bedrooms at affordable prices with proximity to many schools.
  • Harbour Isles: A variety of stunning homes average around 2,300 to 3,000 square feet and contain well-maintained lawns in this neighborhood consisting of retired military personnel and law enforcement. Residents have access to a community pool, fitness center and parks.
  • Mirabay: This new neighborhood of single-family homes includes 750 acres of pristine landscaping situated by the Wolf Branch Creek Nature Preserve and the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay. Amenities include beach entry, a pool with swimming lanes and a fitness center.
  • Sabel Key: A midsized home in this well-established community includes three to four bedrooms listed at competitive prices with highly rated schools nearby.
  • Southshore Falls: This exquisite community for those aged 55 and older contains newer homes and villas. A 14,000-square-foot amenity center surrounded by colorful landscaping, trails and ponds makes the place feel like a world-class resort.
  • Symphony Isles: A variety of townhomes and houses in this canal-front community have access to a private beach, barbecue area, gazebo and volleyball court, along with a clubhouse, pool, playground and boat launch area.

School Systems and Education

The Hillsborough School District includes some reliable centers for learning where kids can expand their knowledge and skill sets. For example, Apollo Beach Elementary School offers a favorable option conveniently located less than a mile from Tampa Bay, where many residents travel for work.

Another good option, Waterset Charter School, offers kindergarten through eighth grade learning with many sports, clubs and events. A few miles south of Apollo Beach is Ruskin, and students can attend Lennard High School. They can excel in their academic achievements and participate in many extracurricular activities.

Some options for college include the popular and well-established University of Tampa or Hillsborough Community College at the Southshore site. Here, students can choose from various industries best suited to the career and life path they dream of pursuing.

Employment Opportunities

Apollo Beach, Florida, offers a prosperous place to find a job or career. Employment continues to grow by around 9% each year, providing plenty of opportunities to move here and settle down. Some of the most common industries served in this location include about 16% management occupations, about 14% sales and related occupations and about 12% office and administrative support occupations.

Other favorable industries include business and finance, health care, education and instruction, library, computer or mathematical and construction occupations. If you’re looking to find a role you love here, check out some available jobs.

Safe Communities

Apollo Beach is an excellent place to live, with many gated communities offering security and privacy. Overall, scoring reveals the area is 59% safer than other cities nationwide. Compared to Florida’s 45 crimes per square mile, the number of crimes per square mile totals an average of nine here.

The lower rates of property and violent crimes per 1,000 residents show this is about three times safer than other areas in the state. In general, continuing to practice safety measures as a part of your everyday lifestyle can help you feel protected and give you peace of mind anywhere you plan to live.

Enjoyable Things to Do in Apollo Beach

Check out this list of fun and exciting things you can do in the area:

  • Go on a beach adventure: A private charter or sunset cruise with Apollo Beach Adventures offers stunning sightseeing and dolphin-watching with food and music.
  • Spend the day fishing: A fishing trip with Fish This Inshore Charters gives you endless opportunities to catch jacks, snout, trout and redfish while catching views of other aquatic wildlife, such as dolphins and manatees.
  • Party on an island: A boat ride can take you to Tiki Bay Island, also called Beer Can Island, located 2 miles off the west shore of Apollo Beach. Many people host private events, celebrations and gatherings.
  • See manatees: The boardwalk overlooking a warm-water area at Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center provides the perfect spot to watch manatees gather, eat plants and swim during the visiting season from April to November each year.
  • Enjoy a drive-in movie: A quick drive less than five minutes from Apollo Beach can bring you to the Ruskin Family Drive-In Theater. The theater was established in 1952. You can park your car and enjoy snacks while watching a movie displayed on the 2,000-square-foot screen outdoors.
  • Play a round of golf: The Apollo Beach Golf & Sea Club offers a complex layout designed by the world’s most prolific designer in the golf industry, Robert Trent Jones. It’s in a scenic location surrounded by beach vistas, a clubhouse and a coffee shop with freshly baked goods.
  • Learn skating tricks: A star-shaped park with over 11,000 square feet, Apollo Beach Skate Park, provides a place to practice skating and take classes.

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