Apopka, FL, is a charming city located in Central Florida, offering beautiful landscapes, clear water springs and incredible lakes. While the town has captivating natural scenery, it is also filled with outstanding homes that give it a suburban feel.

If you’re planning on moving here, you’ll find it is the ideal place for young professionals and families, with plenty of activities to explore.

Demographics and Population

Apopka had a population of 58,293 in 2023, with 21,557 households and an average of 2.70 people per household. There was a slight increase in the population from 2022, reflecting a steady growth pattern each year. Other demographic data includes:

  • Age: The average age of residents in Apopka was 38.9 in 2022. Residents between 18 and 64 make up 62% of the population, making them the majority age group.
  • Race: Apopka is racially and ethnically diverse, with a population of 39% white residents, 28% Hispanic residents, 25% Black residents and 4% Asian residents.
  • Household income: The median household income was $87,394 in 2022, around 1.3 times more than Florida’s average.
  • Education: Over eighty-nine percent of the population has a high school education or higher, and 35.8% of those residents had a bachelor’s degree or more in 2022.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is calculated using the total cost of housing, transportation, utilities, health care and other goods and services. The cost of living in Apopka is about 101.7% of the national average, which means living in this city is slightly more expensive than other places in the country. Compared to the national average, the cost of living is 2% higher.

The median home price is $423,00, which is an average amount in the U.S. On the other hand, rent averages around $1,989, which is 35% higher than average national prices. With a median household income that is also above average for the state, the cost of living is manageable for most residents.


The weather in Apopka is warm, with plenty of sun. When you move to this town, you can expect hot, long summers lasting over four months. August is especially hot, with temperatures that go up to an average of 90°F. During other months in the hot season, the weather is usually around 86°F on average.

While summers are hot and humid, the temperatures drop when the cold season starts. Winter in Apopka tends to be short and cool. It starts around the beginning of December and lasts until late February. The coldest it gets is an average of 51°F, but the weather remains relatively warm during the rest of the season at an average temperature of 74°F.

The Best Neighborhoods in Apopka, FL

Apopka is a growing city filled with residential areas and open green spaces, giving it a suburban feel. Aside from having sought-after appeal, it is an ideal place for people looking for a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re a young professional or retiree or have a family, you’ll find a place to call home in this city.

Here are some of the best places to live in Apopka:

  • The Oaks at Kelly Park: If you’re looking for a community with luxurious single-family homes and a stunning landscape, look no further than The Oaks at Kelly Park. This master-planned community has one- and two-story homes, a dog park, an outdoor swimming pool and two other parks.
  • Rock Springs Ridge: Rock Springs Ridge is a golf community with stunning homes that come in various styles, sizes and price points. The picturesque community has lush rolling hills, open spaces and terrific views.
  • Wekiva Run: Wekiva Run offers the ideal balance between luxury and comfort. This beautiful neighborhood features spacious single-family homes, two community parks, a playground and a picnic area.
  • Errol Estate Country Club: Errol Estate Country Club is a charming neighborhood with single-family homes and townhouses. This estate has several amenities, such as a 27-hole golf course, tennis courts and a community clubhouse.

Schools and Education

Apopka has plenty of top-rated public and private schools that offer quality education for all ages. If you’re looking for schools for children, you can choose from several options, ranging from elementary to high school. The city is also located near several colleges, which you can access to further your education. Some of the schools and nearby colleges include:

  • Wolf Lake Elementary School
  • Apopka Elementary School
  • Wolf Lake Middle School
  • Piedmont Lakes Middle School
  • Forest Lake Academy
  • Central Florida Preparatory School
  • Wekiva High School
  • Apopka High School
  • Franklin University
  • Lake-Sumter State College


The job market in Apopka is estimated to increase by 50.8% in the next decade, which is more than the country’s average expected growth of 33.5%. The unemployment rate is below the national average at 4.9%. If you’re planning to join the workforce in this city, you’ll find that some of the biggest industries are retail trade, educational services, construction, health care and social assistance.

The workforce is dominated by white-collar workers, who make up 78% of the population. The city also has a high number of private companies at 74%, followed by governmental workers at 8.78%.


When it comes to safety, Apopka has a crime rate above the average in Florida. The city has a crime rate of 33.18 per 1,000 residents, with property crime being higher compared to violent crime.

While the crime rate is relatively high, some neighborhoods experience low rates. Safety can vary depending on where you live. Some of the safest neighbors in Apopka include Rock Springs Ridge, Wekiva Glen and Parkside at Errol Estates.

Things to Do in Apopka

When you move to a new city, knowing all the fun and captivating things you can do during your free time is always best. Fortunately, Apopka is brimming with outstanding places, adventures and attractions you can explore. Whether you’re looking for activities to add to your weekly routine or for spending time with your family, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Apopka.

Explore the Trails at Lake Apopka

As the fourth largest lake in the state, Lake Apopka has several trails you can explore by walking, driving, cycling or riding a horse. The trails offer different experiences and vary in distance. Depending on your chosen trail, you can take a peaceful stroll along the lake or take the whole family on a wildlife drive.

Lake Apopka is home to various kinds of birds and other wildlife. You might spot a few creatures along the way, like bobcats, armadillos, turtles and frogs. All the animals are wild, so be sure to keep a safe distance.

Take a Dip in the Water at Wekiwa Springs State Park

During those hot Florida summers, finding exciting ways to cool down becomes a necessity. The crystal clear springs at Wekiwa Springs State Park offer a relaxing escape from the heat. Aside from swimming in the spring, this scenic park has plenty of other activities for you to try.

You can explore the water by canoeing or kayaking. If you feel like experiencing the natural surroundings, you can go bicycling, hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking.

Experience the Rock Springs at Kelly Park

Kelly Park is another excellent place to experience exceptional clear water springs in this city. The rock springs run through a subtropical setting, creating a breathtaking and tranquil scenery. If you kayak along the creek, you might see alligators, fish, otters and various types of birds. The park is also well-maintained, clean and spacious, making it an ideal spot for a picnic with the whole family.

Visit the Northwest Recreation Complex

The Northwest Recreation Complex is a 180-acre facility where sports games, outdoor activities and entertainment take place. The expansive lot has an amphitheater, baseball courts, lacrosse fields, playgrounds, pavilions, basketball courts and even an outdoor gym.

This complex is a place where the community comes together to play and watch local games. If you’re interested in sports, the Northwest Recreation Complex is a must-visit spot for you in this town.

Shop at the Apopka Farmers’ Market

The Apopka Farmers’ Market happens every Thursday evening at Kit Nelson Park. At the market, you’ll find fresh produce from local farmers. Other food vendors sell seafood, meat, pastries and other products at affordable prices.

Discover the History of the City at the Apopka Museum

Situated at 112 East Fifth Street, the Apopka Museum offers excellent insight into the city’s history. Whether you’re a history buff or want to learn more about the town you moved to, the museum has exhibits that portray the region’s rich past and its pioneers.

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