Nestled along the beautiful Boca Ciega Bay is the quaint beach town known as Gulfport. This coastal community is filled with stunning waterfront properties, top-rated schools and plenty of outdoor fun. Whether you’re thinking of moving by yourself or with your family, you’ll find that Gulfport, FL, is a good place to live.

Demographics and Population

According to Census Reporter, Gulfport had a population of 11,796 in 2022, with an average of 1.9 residents per household. Here are other notable demographics for people living in Gulfport, FL:

  • Age: The average age in this area was 59 in 2022. A significant portion of the residents are 65 years or older, with this group making up 37% of the population. In contrast, the under-18 age group accounts for the least amount of residents at 9%.
  • Race: Eighty-three percent of the population is white, followed by Hispanic residents at 7%, then Black residents at 5%.
  • Household income: The medium household income was around $60,461 in 2022.
  • Education: Over 96% of Gulfport residents have a high school diploma or higher educational attainment, and 40.1% of that population have a bachelor’s degree or more.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Gulfport is 1% lower than the national average. The average home value was around $391,754 in 2023, 1.5% higher than the previous year. The median rent price was over $2,200, 14% higher than other places in the country.

Aside from housing, you must also factor in other monthly expenses contributing to living costs. These expenses include groceries, transportation, health care, utilities and other services. In addition, your salary and the neighborhood you choose can impact your cost of living.


The weather in this charming beach town is typically warm and sunny. You can expect long, hot summers between May and October that can reach an average high of 89°F and a low of 79°F. On the other hand, the winters are usually short, lasting between early December and late February. The cold season in Gulfport is cool, windy and cloudy, with the lowest average temperature reaching 57°F. Winters usually see an average high of 69°F.

Florida is known for its humidity, and Gulfport is no exception. The town experiences significant seasonal variations in humidity, with July being the most muggy. With the beaches only a few minutes away, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to cool down during the hot season.

The Best Neighborhoods in Gulfport, FL

Gulfport is a small town with plenty of nice neighborhoods for young adults, families and retirees. You’ll find stunning townhouses, condos, homes and apartments to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re unsure where to start looking, here are some of the best places to live in Gulfport, FL:

  • Pasadena Point Estates: Pasadena Point Estates is an upscale gated community with luxurious waterfront properties. Most homes in this community come with a private boat dock, ideal for fishing and easy water access. The Pasadena Yacht & Country Club has various amenities, including golf, swimming and tennis programs.
  • Skimmer Point: As the largest waterfront community in the Pasadena Yacht & Country Club, Skimmer Point has a range of beautiful, spacious homes with breathtaking water views. The community is located at the southern tip of Gulfport along the shores of three-finger islands on the Boca Ciega Bay Aquatic Preserve.
  • Kipps Colony Estates: Kipps Colony Estates is another luxurious neighborhood in Pasadena Yacht & Country Club. The large open-plan homes offer great waterfront views and water access. The community is also located near art galleries, restaurants and shops.
  • Fairway Bay: If you’re looking for a tranquil, upscale gated community, Fairway Bay may be the right choice. You can enjoy peaceful surroundings and views of the Pasadena Yacht & Country Club golf course. The community is also located 5 miles away from St. Pete Beach.
  • Veteran City: Located in the heart of Gulfport, Veteran City offers close proximity to the town’s lively restaurants, attractions, parks and the beach. This neighborhood is ideal for individuals who want to experience this beach town’s history, community and charm.

Schools and Education

If you’re considering moving to Gulfport, FL, you’ll find that this coastal town has many schools offering high-quality education. Whether you have children or are looking for education opportunities for yourself, this town has top-rated elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and higher education institutions. Some of the schools in the Gulfport include:

  • Gulfport Montessori Elementary School
  • Boca Ciega High School
  • Disston Academy
  • SunFlower Private School
  • Walden School
  • Hamilton Disston School
  • Stetson University


Gulfport has plenty of job opportunities across various industries. The town has an unemployment rate of 4.4%, which is lower than the national average. The job market is predicted to grow by 41% in the next decade. Some of the largest industries include health care and social assistance, retail trade, construction and educational services.

Most people employed in this town are white-collar workers, making up 85.42% of the workforce. About 57.46% of residents work in private companies, and 9.29% are government workers. In addition, 22.67% of the workforce population is self-employed.


Gulfport has a violent crime rate of 1.79 per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 26.52 for every 1,000 residents, which is lower than the state’s average. The town is safer than 12% of other cities in the country. Crime rates vary for different neighborhoods, and the northeast part of the town has fewer crime cases, which can be around 17 per year.

Things to Do in Gulfport

There is a certain charm and character you can only find in small, coastal cities like Gulfport. With a land area of 3 square miles, you can spend a day walking around and experience all kinds of fun adventures. Don’t let the size of this town deceive you — it has plenty to offer. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, open spaces and vibrant communities, you’ll find many things to do in Gulfport.

Visit Beach Boulevard

Situated in downtown Gulfport, Beach Boulevard captures the vibrant atmosphere of the town. It is filled with restaurants, galleries, eateries and live entertainment venues. If you walk to the south end of Beach Boulevard, you’ll find the iconic Gulfport Casino, a historic building that has existed since 1934.

Aside from the diverse small businesses, many events are held on Beach Boulevard, like the Gulfport’s First Friday Art Walk. You’ll see many vendors lining the streets showcasing their art on the first Friday of each month.

Stroll through the Tuesday Fresh Market

From fresh produce to stunning jewelry, the Tuesday Fresh Market offers plenty. When you move to Gulfport, you can stop by the market every Tuesday all year round. The market is situated on the Waterfront District on Beach Boulevard and captures the “Old Florida” feel.

Explore Clam Bayou Nature Park

Clam Bayou Nature Park is a stunning preserve that provides several environments, including natural vegetation, mangrove forests and the waters of Boca Ciega Bay. The park is also home to wildlife of various species, such as dolphins, wading birds, fiddler crabs, manatees and clams.

If you love exploring the outdoors, you can take a scenic walk or hike through the boardwalk trails. You can also enjoy the water by paddling or kayaking.

Spend a Day at the Gulfport Beach Recreation Area

The Gulfport Beach Recreation Area is located on Boca Ciega Bay, with a stunning open beach, playgrounds and other amenities. It is a great spot to spend the day with the whole family and enjoy some sun during those warm Florida days. Children can play bocce ball and volleyball or use the fenced playground.

Additionally, the beach recreation area is close to several restaurants. After a fun day, you can have lunch or an early dinner at one of the many eateries nearby.

Take a Walk at Wood Ibis Park

If you enjoy peaceful walks in nature, you’ll love Wood Ibis Park. The 4-acre park has lush greenery filled with native plants and a beautiful lake, making it the perfect place for a tranquil morning walk. Occasionally, you can spot intriguing bird species like the American White Ibis, Blue Jay, Little Blue Heron and Roseate Spoonbill.

Catch a Fish at Williams Pier

Williams Pier is a laid-back spot that provides great access for fishing in deep waters. It extends 500 feet into Boca Ciega Bay, allowing you to catch all kinds of fish, from trout to flounder. The pier is well-lit when it gets dark, so you can also go fishing at night. It offers a great way to meet local anglers and make new friends when you move to Gulfport.

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