Located between Clearwater and St. Petersburg on a peninsula, Largo, Florida, is a great place to live. The primarily residential city features friendly neighborhoods, small businesses and beautiful parks. It’s the 4th largest city in the Tampa Bay region, and it’s growing. If you’re moving to Largo, you’ll soon see why its residents love living there.


As part of Pinellas County, Largo’s history traces back to the Timucua Indians. The Timucuans resisted Spanish and French settlers for hundreds of years until 1823, when Count Odet Philippe became the first European settler on the Pinellas Peninsula.

During the 1800s, many followed Philippe’s lead and settled there. When rail service arrived in 1886, residents named the community Largo after the town’s lake, and it was officially incorporated in 1905.

Largo went through many ups and downs in its early days, but it grew rapidly after the 1960s. Today, residents love Largo for its excellent schools, cultural diversity and proximity to gorgeous beaches and parks.

Demographics and Population

In 2022, Largo’s population was estimated to be 82,487. There are 4,450 people per square mile in Largo.

Other demographic data includes:

  • Age: About a quarter of Largo residents are 65 or older. Nearly 16% are under 18, and roughly 4% are under five. Fifty-two percent of residents are female.
  • Race: Almost 79% of Largo residents are white, followed by Hispanic and black or African American.
  • Income and household: The median household income in Largo was $50,948 in 2021. Most households have at least two people.
  • Education: Ninety-one percent of Largo residents 25 or older have a high school diploma or higher. About a quarter have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Cost of Living

Many consider Largo a good deal because of its central location, proximity to world-class beaches and snow-free winters. The region’s overall cost of living is slightly above average, but the Florida sunshine makes it worth it.

Homes are affordable in Largo compared to many other places in the country. For example, the average house in Largo costs $335,600, slightly cheaper than the national average and about 7% less expensive than other homes in Florida. Renting costs are a bit more than in other places. You can expect to pay around $1,700 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment in Largo.

Overall, Largo offers a more affordable cost of living than nearby beachfront communities. And the beach is just a short drive away.


Largo’s climate is subtropical marine. The region has mild winters, with temperatures falling somewhere in the 50s to 70s. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s to the high 90s.

Rainfall is common during the summer months, and the region has a thunderstorm season from June through September. Like other coastal cities in Florida, Largo has hurricane season from June through November.

Despite the summer rain and frequent thunderstorms, Largo gets plenty of sunshine, with an average of over 240 sunny days a year.

Best Places to Live in Largo, Florida

Largo has a variety of great neighborhoods and communities within and around the city. Some of the best include:

  • Anona
  • Bay Hills
  • Collins Estates
  • Century Oaks
  • Fox Oak
  • Hillcrest Manor
  • Lake Park
  • Pinebrook Estates
  • Ulmerton
  • Orangewood Highlands
  • Taylor Lake
  • Eagle Lake Park
  • Walsingham
  • Water View Estates

Schools and Education

Whether you are raising a family or considering going back to school yourself, Largo is rich with educational opportunities. Largo residents have a plethora of excellent public and private schools to choose from. There are also several colleges nearby, so you or your children can further your education close to home.

Some of the highest-rated schools in the region include:

  • Anona Elementary School
  • Oakhurst Elementary School
  • Ridgecrest Elementary School
  • Indian Rocks Christian School
  • Pinellas Academy of Math and Science
  • Pinellas Preparatory Academy
  • Clearwater Fundamental Middle School
  • Largo High School
  • Osceola Fundamental High School
  • St. Petersburg Collegiate High School

Nearby colleges include:

  • Eckerd College
  • Keiser University
  • University of Tampa
  • St. Petersburg College
  • Jersey College School of Nursing
  • University of South Florida


Living in Largo, Florida, means plenty of job opportunities. The region has above-average job growth, and residents can commute to Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa for work. The area also has a low unemployment rate. As of August 2023, the unemployment rate in the Largo region was 3.2%.

Largo is home to many businesses and a diverse job market, so you’ll have your pick regardless of your background. Top industries include:

  • Professional services
  • Transportation, trades and utilities
  • Government
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Education and health services

If you’re considering a government job, the City of Largo was rated one of the best workplaces in 2023. Largo city employees enjoy excellent benefits and a supportive culture.


Largo is generally a safe place to live, work and raise a family. However, like most cities in the country, some neighborhoods in Largo have higher crime rates than others.

Crime rates can differ greatly from one neighborhood to the next in Largo, so it’s essential to research the area you plan to move to beforehand. Also, plan to visit Largo yourself and try to find out what locals have to say about safety.

Otherwise, Largo residents must be prepared for severe weather like hurricanes and flooding. Planning for natural disasters is a part of life in coastal cities and can help keep you and your belongings safe. You’ll find important disaster preparation information at the City of Largo’s website.

Things to Do in Largo

Largo residents always have something to do and enjoy access to many parks and cultural amenities. Here are some of the best places to visit in Largo:

  • The Florida Botanical Gardens: The Florida Botanical Gardens has over 100 acres and beautiful, diverse gardens to explore.Stroll through an old-fashioned English garden or relax in the shaded tropical courtyard. View wildlife from the wetlands boardwalk or stop and smell the roses in the rose garden. No matter how you spend your time there, it’s sure to uplift you.
  • George C. McGough Nature Park: If you want to see turtles, head to McGough Nature Park, home to a sizeable aquatic turtle population. This 26-acre park also features live wildlife exhibits, walking trails and a playground with a zipline.
  • Largo Central Park: Set in the heart of Largo, Largo Central Park is a beautiful place to picnic, relax in nature, walk the dog or watch the kids play. Located near the library and performing arts center, you could spend a whole day in this part of town.
  • Heritage Village: Located in The Florida Botanical Gardens, Heritage Village is a fun way to explore Pinellas County history. It includes many historic structures and a museum to take you back to Largo’s simpler days.
  • Walsingham Park: Walsingham Park has plenty of space and a large lake to enjoy various recreational activities. Go here to fish, boat, picnic or walk the lake perimeter and enjoy the scenery.
  • Eagle Lake Park: Another wonderful space to absorb nature, Eagle Lake Park has a playground, walking trails and picnic shelters. Be sure to check out the 2,000 feet of boardwalks built over restored wetlands.
  • Pinellas Farmers and Flea Market: Open on Saturdays and Sundays, Pinellas Farmers and Flea Market is a great way to spend time in your community, mingle with neighbors and buy locally grown produce. You can also shop for antiques or art to decorate your new home with or sample a variety of snacks in the food court.
  • Central Park Performing Arts Center: To see music, theater, comedy or dance performances, go to the Central Park Performing Arts Center. For almost 30 years, the center has brought culture to Largo and provided a venue for special events.
  • Largo Public Library: Largo has one of the best libraries in the county. Largo Public Library has so much to offer the community, including classes, events, study rooms, a cafe and plenty of books to inspire you.
  • Cafe Largo: Tampa Bay has a lot of great dining destinations and Largo is one of them. For example, Cafe Largo is a fine-dining restaurant offering wine and classic French cuisine — perfect for a romantic evening. Other favorites include German Bistro 2 and Roosterfish Grill.
  • Indian Rocks Beach: Many claim Indian Rocks Beach, located about 15 minutes from Largo, is the best and simply resembles paradise. Go to Indian Rocks to savor the dreamy beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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