The central part of the Sunshine State remains a popular relocation destination for retirees, professionals and businesses. The weather is often enjoyable, and the inland location generally experiences fewer high-intensity weather events than the outlying coasts.

Is Oviedo, FL, a Good Place to Live?

If you’re considering a move to Florida, Oviedo may be the ideal place to make your home or set up a business. Learning more about the town and what it offers can help you make an informed decision.

Demographics and Population

Oviedo is currently home to just over 40,000 people. City officials expect that number to grow to 41,923 by 2026.

Residents are highly educated, with 44% of the population holding an associate or bachelor’s degree and another 16.5% with a master’s or professional degree. There is an almost equal balance between genders, with 48.8% males and 51.2% females. The median resident age is 36.8, and the median income totals $103,882.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oviedo is about 12% higher than the national average. Much of this difference results from housing costs, which are 23% higher than countrywide averages.

Lower costs for certain expenses help offset these totals — utilities run about 7% lower than national figures, and health care is approximately 8% less.


Average highs range between 90 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit during June, July and August, with winter high averages spanning 70 to 73 degrees. Lows during December, January and February stay well above freezing at 51 to 54 degrees, and summer lows range between 73 and 75 degrees.

June, July, August and September bring the most rainy days at 13, 12, 12 and 11, respectively. All other months remain primarily sunny, with only four to six days of rain.

A weather discussion for the Sunshine State would only be complete with addressing the intense weather events that can occur. Downpours and thunderstorms can produce flash flooding in some areas, especially low-lying properties close to waterways.

While central Florida benefits from a noncoastal location and the surrounding land provides some buffer, hurricanes still pose the highest risks to residents and property. First Street’s Risk Factor™ rates the town’s wind risk from these events as “extreme.” The city has taken multiple steps to help ensure preparedness and promote higher safety. These include upgraded structural codes, improved emergency communications to residents, and well-marked and -maintained evacuation routes.

The Best Neighborhoods in Oviedo, FL

The town is home to many attractive neighborhoods.

Seminole Woods ranks among the best places to live in Oviedo. This gated equestrian community boasts 5-acre lots and estate homes sprawling across 1,550 acres. A boat dock and launch are on-site for enjoying life on the water, and the neighborhood also offers several parks, basketball courts and other amenities.

Kingsbridge is another popular area for those looking to establish a home in Oviedo. Perks for residents include dog-friendly parks, a family-friendly vibe and tree-lined streets. The community is quiet and picturesque and surrounds a lake.

Similarly, Twin Rivers is a serene and peaceful neighborhood offering a suburban feel while maintaining proximity to the vibrant downtown and nearby metropolitan areas. Residents here have amenities like a skate park, basketball courts and swimming pools.

Outdoor enthusiasts and families will also enjoy life in Alafaya Woods. The community provides access to private tennis and basketball courts, an on-site pool, and playground and picnic areas.

Those seeking walkability and a more urban feel with a small-town vibe will find the downtown area an attractive place to live. The city has numerous public parks to enjoy, plus an amphitheater, many restaurants, a craft brewery and quaint shops. It’s also a charming and unique area known for the wild chickens that call it home.

The Sanctuary rounds out our list of the best places to live in Oviedo. This neighborhood encompasses over 340 landscaped acres and boasts a natural setting. Amenities for community residents include a fitness center, a pool with a summer kitchen and cabana, multiple sports courts and a soccer field. Professionals will appreciate access to a business center and conference facilities.

Schools and Education

Oviedo’s public schools belong to the larger Seminole County Public School System. Six elementary, two middle and two high schools educate the city’s young. Various preparatory and parochial education institutions also serve the area. Public School Review ranked the city’s public schools 13th statewide, with four district facilities earning top-10 marks in proficiency testing.

Several post-secondary education options also lie nearby. The University of Central Florida is 5 miles away, and Seminole State College maintains four campuses within the greater Oviedo area.


Employment opportunities abound, especially for those in the education, retail, public works and health care fields. Primary occupations for town residents include:

  • Office and administrative support: 14.5%
  • Management: 14.2%
  • Education instruction and library science: 9.55%
  • Business and financial operations: 8.21%
  • Sales: 8.33%

The largest employers include:

  • A. Duda and Sons, Inc.
  • Seminole County Public School System
  • Oviedo Medical Center
  • Seminole State College
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Siemens
  • The Oviedo Mall
  • Publix Supermarkets

The town itself also employs over 300 seasonal, full- and part-time workers.

Additionally, information and technology jobs are plentiful in the area. Oviedo is home to multiple software development companies and internet and IT services businesses.

Those willing to commute a bit further can find additional opportunities in Orlando, which is just 18.7 miles to the south. Ample vacancies exist for those specializing in entertainment and hospitality.

Health and Safety

Health care is readily available, with the Oviedo Medical Center located inside city limits. An additional six hospitals or medical centers are within 20 miles’ driving distance.

Oviedo’s safety score comes in at 63 out of 100, meaning it’s safer than 63% of U.S. towns. Crime rates are well below the Florida state average, with a total of 6.87 per 1,000 residents. Florida’s overall average weighs in at 18.25 per 1,000. The story is similar when broken down by crime type. The violent crime rate per 1,000 residents is 0.88, while the property crime rate for the same sample size is 5.99. At the state level, these numbers are 2.59 and 15.66, respectively.

Things to Do in Oviedo

There’s something to enjoy for all types of Oviedo residents, from outdoor activities to arcade fun and highly rated eateries. Some favorites include:

  • Arcade Monsters: This hotspot holds the title of Florida’s largest arcade. Play over 200 classic games amid a fun, 1980s-themed atmosphere for one fixed price. The business also offers food and drinks.
  • Econ River Wilderness Area: This preserved green space offers the chance to explore nature with a 2.7-mile trail and picnic pavilion. Multiple kinds of wildlife call this area home, and there are scenic spots to relax and take in the view.
  • Barr Street Trailhead: This attraction is ideal for hiking, fishing and mountain biking. The trail offers a longer loop at 5.7 miles and spectacular views over the river.
  • Center Lake Park: This spot in the middle of town is perfect for families and pet parents. The park contains a dog park, splash pad and playground equipment. It’s the site of many special community events and is surrounded by some of the town’s most popular eateries.
  • Lukas Nursery and Butterfly Encounter: This family-owned nursery and garden center carries an extensive collection of plants. They also maintain a butterfly conservatory where visitors pay a small charge to feed the butterflies from their fingertips.
  • Oviedo Mall: The mall houses several national retailers, with options ranging from designer clothing to books, fine jewelry and electronics. There is also a food court, community theatre and cinema to enjoy.

Additionally, the town boasts a twice-monthly farmers market, a paint-it-yourself pottery studio, an online gaming center, a bowling alley and a laser tag facility.

Those who want even more nightlife, restaurants and activities can make the short journey to Orlando, home to several theme parks. Golfers will find plenty of courses to challenge them in nearby communities like Winter Park, Lake Mary and Longwood.

If you want to explore the world beyond, living in Oviedo, Florida, makes it easy to do. Orlando Sanford International Airport is a mere 8 miles away, and Orlando International is just 19 miles out. The area’s popularity as a tourist destination means scheduled daily route traffic to and from many nationwide and international destinations.

Tampa International Airport is slightly over a 2-hour drive. Popular airlines like Southwest and American, plus several value-based carriers, offer regular flights across the country and overseas. Nonstop routes are available for destinations like Switzerland, Germany, London and many Caribbean nations.

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