Does it seem like the number of moving vans on the roads or in your neighborhood increases during the summer? It’s not your imagination. As soon as the weather gets warmer, the real estate market heats up, too.

Whether you’re planning to relocate a few miles or several states during the hottest months of the year, you’ll want to know how to make the experience more efficient, organized and cost-effective. Below are some of the most important things to do — and not do — during a summer move.

1. Research Moving Companies

You might not be acquainted with all the moving companies serving your area. Spend time searching several highly rated moving companies available during this peak season. Beyond impressive customer feedback, look for a company that’s been in business a long time, features a wide range of services and uses employees to staff moving jobs like yours. You may also want one that offers packing and unpacking, particularly if you don’t have much personal time to devote to your summer move.

2. Schedule Your Move Day in Advance

Unless you have to switch homes suddenly, you have a lot of control over your moving day. Summer weekends fill up fast for moving companies. If you have the option, consider moving during the week. Regardless, lock in your favorite mover early to avoid stress.

3. Pack Warm-Weather Items Last

The lead-up to moving day will include a lot of packing. You might be inclined to just pack everything haphazardly, but resist the temptation. Instead, be systematic and label all your boxes. Pack the items you’ll need for summer last since you might need them right up to your move day.

4. Find a Pet Sitter or Babysitter

Kids and pets can get overwhelmed quickly by all the moving hustle and bustle. They can also get underfoot. If you can, ask a relative, neighbor or friend to watch your children, dog or cat. That way, you can focus on moving and they can enjoy a little summer fun.

5. Have Water on Hand

Are you getting thirsty just thinking about all the energy it takes to arrange and undergo a successful move? A summer move can lead to dehydration if you’re not careful, especially if you go the route of renting a moving van and trying to do everything yourself. Keep plenty of fresh, cool water bottles handy. While you’re at it, have a cooler filled with snacks, too.

6. Keep a Bottle of Sunscreen Available

Summer equals sun exposure, and too much can wind up harming your skin. Slather on the sunscreen regularly. It might feel like you’re only outside for a few minutes at a time, but all those minutes add up fast.

7. Be Careful With Heat-Sensitive Items

Some objects like electronics don’t do well if they’re left in the heat for long periods of time. You may want to transfer heat-sensitive items, along with any highly sensitive or personal items, by car. When that’s not an option, just make sure you pack them last.

Knowing How to Move During the Summer Makes Moving Day Simpler

Moving between May and September can be a breeze if you do it right. Being strategic from the get-go will help you master the process and love the results.

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