Moving is an exciting time, but it also comes with some new bills, including rent or a mortgage, utility hookups and more. You can find affordable ways to move so that you have more cash to decorate your new space. David McCarthy Moving can help you move quickly and cut costs.

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Top 5 Tips for Moving on a Budget

If you’re moving on a budget, there are several ways to save money.

1. Make a Budget in Advance

Figure out how much you can afford for your move and plan your move. Create checklists to ensure you don’t overlook an expense. Find out in advance if you qualify for any tax breaks or if your employer offers any assistance.

2. Donate Excess Possessions

Consider what is essential for you to have in your new space. Sell anything you no longer love or need. You’ll make some extra cash and avoid paying to transport those items.

3. Move at a Unique Time

Moving during the summer or just before school starts is usually more expensive. You can save money by moving during the winter when there is less demand.

4. Find Free Boxes

Ask friends and social media followers for boxes. You can also often find free, clean cardboard boxes by asking at your workplace or at the stores where you shop. Getting free boxes can save you hundreds of dollars on packaging supplies.

5. Call Professional Movers

Moving on your own can be challenging. If you end up damaging furniture and items because you’re not a professional mover, replacing those items can be costly. Driving a large rental truck with many blind spots and carrying large boxes in and out of the truck can put you at risk of injury.

Calling professional movers can be more affordable and safer. A quality moving company such as David McCarthy Moving, LLC provides you with quotes and works with various budgets.

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