When you want to move original work and investments from point A to B, you require a fine art professional's help. While traditional moving companies can transport personal belongings, furniture, and storage, only a trained expert should attempt to move an art collection to prevent irreversible damage, scratches, and deterioration. Whether you're contributing to a museum or need to relocate multiple pieces, David McCarthy Moving is your go-to fine art mover for local and long-distance travel.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer art collection moving services from our headquarters in the Tampa Bay Area. We separate ourselves from other movers with the ability to relocate items across the United States.

Your Bradenton Art Moving Company

Classic and modern art displays are incredibly unique and fragile, so we walk all of our customers through the logistics process for peace of mind. It's our goal to eliminate the hurdles in relocating your collection, so we work with you to determine the best route for packing, shipping and delivering orders. From warning labels to handling instructions, David McCarthy Moving approaches fine art with care.

Our Packing Process

No two art pieces are exactly the same, so our professionals cater to the unique needs of paintings, sculptures, pottery and beyond. We'll create a tailored packing and shipping procedure to match your expectations for a safe arrival. We also consider inclement weather, environmental conditions and loading practices to create packaging solutions such as:

  • Custom crates, boxes and wrapping to minimize movement
  • Incorporating foam bumpers against surfaces
  • Accommodations for extra large pieces
  • Secure-in-place mounting
  • Temperature-sensitive methods

Your Trusted Source for Shipping Fine Art

As fine art movers, we take your cargo seriously. Displays are often targets for theft, so we minimize transit stops for a timely delivery. We will arrange direct transportation to galleries, museums, art shows and more depending on your preference.

Additionally, we can coordinate multiple pickups along the way. Reduce further costs by having an entire collection arrive at once rather than making several trips.

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Benefits of Art Collection Moving Services

At David McCarthy Moving, we are a fully licensed and insured relocation company near Sarasota. We know the location of orders at all times, and we have the resources and supplies to move fine art displays efficiently. We're the obvious choice for short and long-distance travel because we:

  • Focus on order quantity to prevent loss during transit.
  • Offer packaging and assembly services.
  • Incorporate locks and security measures during fine art deliveries.
  • Provide professional consulting.

Our Storage Location

Are you moving to a new residential or commercial space, but not all at once? We connect customers to our Bradenton storage facility ideal for valuable belongings. We will pack, wrap and move fine art to our climate-controlled storage space while you close on a sale. Shield your collection from the intense Florida heat until you're ready to ship pieces off to their final destination.

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David McCarthy Moving specializes in commercial and residential relocation services. Ensure your fine art collection stays in good hands with competitive rates and a personalized approach. For more information about any of our services, complete a contact form online today.

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