Whether you're moving across the street or relocating to another state, it's crucial to be as organized as possible. Packing, transferring utilities, organizing your movers and preparing an itinerary are vital for the big day. You want to have everything ready beforehand to make moving as easy as possible.

The experienced move coordinators at David McCarthy Moving can help. We have helped clients all over the country pack up and settle into their new homes or business.

Plan for Common Moving Challenges

There's a lot to do before moving day arrives, and it's easy to forget something until the end. You might need to find temporary storage or activate a new service for your home. If you work in an office, you need to alert clients and employees and ensure everyone is on the same page. It's a lot to keep track of, especially when you have minimal help.

When you opt for a moving coordinator, you can delegate some work to our team. A dedicated move coordinator can:

  • Reduce your stress by planning and organizing the move.
  • Ensure everything is ready to be packed on the moving truck.
  • Handle moving logistics on your behalf.

We make sure every detail is in line leading up to your move. Moving days are busy, but having extra hands can help make the process easier for yourself, your family or your employees.

What Do Moving Coordinator Services Involve?

A moving coordinator will work with you before your actual moving date. David McCarthy Moving will help you plan your move — we act as a consultant to prepare our customers and their families. We find that many people need some guidance on their move, whether you're staying local or leaving the state.

We cover multiple aspects of the moving process for a smoother transition.

Organizing Materials

Grouping, packing and organizing can be daunting depending on how large your space is. Our team can help you pack items efficiently to keep them safe during travel. We will account for all your belongings and make sure you have enough space. Our paid packing services and materials help you prepare before the movers arrive.

Planning Logistics

Moving involves more than packing boxes and fitting them in your vehicle. You have to account for timing, traveling and assembling materials. It can also be challenging to know how long your move will take if you don't consider each step.

We can plan for the following logistics:

  • Estimated packing, loading and unloading times
  • Travel times
  • Deconstructing and reassembling furniture
  • Load size and planning
  • Accessing storage items

We account for these factors to give you an accurate moving day picture. We have helped dozens of clients in the past and can address details you may not consider.

Handling Various Moving Scenarios

With over 30 years of experience, we know how a successful move should look. We've helped with numerous moving situations, and we can find a solution for your unique needs.

We can help with the following moving situations:

  • Residential: If you are moving out of your family home, our residential moving crew is here for you. We pack your keepsakes and fragile pieces safely, and we help you prepare your new space for your arrival.
  • Long distance: Moving is a challenge, especially when traveling. Our long-distance moving services include packing and storage — with our coordinating services, you can prepare for your journey well in advance.
  • Commercial: As a business ourselves, we know what it's like when you outgrow your space. Work with our commercial movers to prepare your business for a new opportunity.

How Our Southwest Florida Moving Coordinators Simplify Your Move

Hiring a moving coordinator prepares you for when the movers arrive to collect your boxes. When you choose David McCarthy Moving, you can enjoy:

  • Added peace of mind: Moving logistics can add to your stress — we help take some work off your plate. Whether you are new to moving or want a better experience than past moves, we can ensure a seamless transition.
  • Improved planning: Trying to plan a move without interrupting your regular schedule might not be feasible. If you can find time to plan, you might not know where to start. We make your plan our primary focus for superior results.
  • Personalized care: You'll work with a dedicated moving coordinator that plans for your specific situation. We know there's no universal moving formula. That's why we create custom plans for each client.

Moving can be simple when you know where to start. Based in Bradenton, Florida, David McCarthy Moving will help you from start to finish for an easy and successful moving experience.

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