Packing Supplies Available In Bradenton

When you move, it is vital that you have the proper storage boxes and other packing materials for all the items you're moving. Sometimes it can be hard to know which type of boxes and supplies are right for your items. Luckily, we have all the moving and packing supplies you'll need right here in the Tampa Bay area!

When you choose David McCarthy Moving for our pack, crate & wraps services, or any of our other moving services you'll have peace of mind knowing we use high-quality packing materials suited for any job. Whether you are moving precious antiques, your exquisite fine art collection, or any kind of household items, we have the packing supplies that will fit your needs!

Check below to see our moving boxes, supplies and recommendations for your local or long-distance move!

Common Packing Boxes

– odd sizes available as needed

16" x 12" x 12" Small Moving Box

Best used for packing books, magazines, sealed bottles & small non-perishable food items.
Small moving box
18"x18"x16" Medium Moving Box

Best used for packing non-perishable food, clothing, and small fragile and non-fragile items.

Medium moving box

24"x18"x18" Large Moving Box

Best used for packing linens, pots, pans, Tupperware, miscellaneous lightweight items, lampshades.

Large moving box

24" x 21" x 45" Double Wall Wardrobe Box With Hanger Bar

Best used for packing hanging items and dropping in pillows, linens and shoes at the base of the box.

Double walled wardrobe box

18” x 18” x 28” Double Wall Box – Dish pack

Best used for packing dishes, glassware, lamps, crystal, high-value fragile collectibles, small framed pictures.

Double walled dish box

4 Piece Picture/Mirror Box - Large

Adjustable 4 Piece Box.  Can be used as a 40" x 60" or smaller.  3" Deep.

4 piece picture/mirror box

Picture/Mirror Box

Ideal for large mirrors and framed artwork 48"x 4.5"x 33" Box.

Picture/mirror box

Custom Crating

Specialty items built upon request for all shapes and sizes.

Custom-built moving crates

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Mattress Bags – twin, queen, king

Plastic mattress bag covers provide an easy way to preserve and shelter one of your most valuable household items. Three important reasons why you will need a mattress bag when moving include:

  1. To prevent bed bugs
  2. To protect your mattress from water damage
  3. To keep your mattress in tip-top condition when stored

3 Ply Paper Pads

Unlike packing paper, which is single-ply and generally used for protecting belongings in boxes, paper padding is triple-layer and is used to protect individual items against nicks, scratches and dust.

Paper pads are ideal for covering appliances, and wooden, upholstered and leather furniture. Just use the sheets like wrapping paper, totally covering the item and tucking the corners in.

Fabric Moving Pads/Blankets - Medium weight moving blankets (72” x 80”)

Furniture padding typically comes in the shape of a blanket and looks similar to a thick, padded quilt. Furniture padding, also known as moving blankets, are thick coverings used to wrap and cover vulnerable or fragile pieces of furniture.

Furniture padding prevents damage to the item while it’s being moved in and out of a house and/or stored. Moving pads are also used to protect items and prevent them from shifting while they are in transit.

 White Newsprint/Packing Paper

Use packing paper/newsprint sheets as an economical way to pack and protect fragile items when moving or shipping. Clean, white newsprint sheets are a fast and ideal solution to wrap and protect dishes, glasses and other breakable items.

 Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are perfect for any of these things:

  • Packing many smaller items into a bigger box
  • Filling up empty space around awkwardly sized items
  • Protecting vases, china, ceramics, and other fragile home decors
  • Packing delicate photos, artwork, or statues

But there are some cases where packing peanuts may not be the best material for packing your fragile items. Both bubble wrap and packing paper can be better alternatives in certain instances.


When appropriately done, shrink-wrap won’t stick to your furniture or leave ugly marks. Unlike tape, it doesn’t have an adhesive backing. It sticks to itself, and that’s it!

Never put shrink-wrap directly on wood or leather furniture. Moisture can get trapped between the furniture and the plastic, causing mildew, mold, or warping.

Instead, use paper padding or a moving blanket to wrap the leather/wooden furniture. Then, use shrink-wrap to keep the paper padding on the furniture.

Bubble Wrap

A single roll is 1/2" x 12" x 125' large. Perforated every 12" for easy tearing.
The air-filled material provides the most convenient method for packing and securing your items, as well as the best possible protection for your belongings during shipment – it will prevent scratching and breaking, will absorb any undesirable shocks and vibrations during transit, and will allow you to receive your goods safe and intact.

Remember to buy packing tape for sealing boxes and several large size markers for labeling your boxes.


Sufficient for 1-2 bedroom home

  • 12 Small Book Boxes
  • 14 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 4 Large Moving Boxes
  • 10 LB Packing Paper
  • 150' Small Bubble Wrap
  • 1 Roll of Tape

Sufficient for 2-3 bedroom home

  • 15 Small Book Boxes
  • 20 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 6 Large Moving Boxes
  • 4 Xtra Large Moving Boxes
  • 25 LB Packing Paper
  • 150' Small Bubble Wrap
  • 2 Rolls of Tape

Sufficient for 3-4 bedroom home

  • 25 Small Book Boxes
  • 25 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 10 Large Moving Boxes
  • 5 Xtra Large Moving Boxes
  • 3 Wardrobe Boxes
  • 25 LB Packing Paper
  • 150' Small Bubble Wrap
  • 125' Large Bubble Wrap
  • 3 Rolls of Tape

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